We know you're getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, so we've designed some fun zombie stuff to help you show that you love or loathe the undead. Choose your horde of zombie family stickers, or pick up a t-shirt that lets everyone know whose side you're on in the zombie wars.  These are original designs by girls trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Merchandise on this site and our blog is sold through eBay and Amazon.  We bring you the best of our own gear as well as awesome stuff sold and designed by others who love zombies as much as we do.


Want to learn more about zombies?  Check out our undead blog, Guide to Zombies.  From time to time we will be writing about zombies in the news, fun zombie stuff that other people designed, zombie events, and zombiology.


Thanks for visiting our site.  Stay safe and look out for zombies!

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