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  • 服务热线:020-66673183


    法荷航集团是欧洲及世界一流的航空公司,航线覆盖全球105个国家的245个目的地城市,每周88个航班穿梭于阿姆斯特丹、巴黎与大中华地区,包括北京、上海、广州、成都、杭州、 厦门、 香港、台湾。
    air france was founded in 1933 and merged with klm royal dutch airline in 2004 to form the air france klm group.
    the air france klm group is a world leading airline group and the european leader in air transport with more than 71.4 million passengers and eur21 billion of revenues in 2009-10. the group serves 245 destinations in 105 countries worldwide. in the region, we offer up to 88 weekly flights from the 8 following cities: beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou, xiamen, hong kong and taipei to amsterdam and paris.